Michael Raffaele Telera has always felt at home on the Mornington Peninsula and its no wonder. His parents migrated to Australia from coastal towns in Puglia Italy and passed down a family wine making tradition that dates back to the 1500’s, hence the reason for etching the family crest on every bottle.

Childhood memories were steeped in summer holidays at Flinders, Rosebud and Rye where there was always an interaction of people, food, music and wine.

This beautiful culture inspired Michael to learn the art of winemaking which has evolved by way of respecting old world techniques coupled with the study of new world contemporary oenological practices.

Michael’s winemaking  journey began in 2008 at Paradigm Hill, where he plied his craft as a cellar hand before becoming an assistant winemaker.

In 2011 Michael began leasing a vineyard in Red Hill formally known as part of MLF (Mike and Lew’s Folly) to produce the Telera brand.